International Business

With unlimited opportunities available globally, Martin Dow Marker continues to strive to develop and be recognized for its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, quality products and as an entity with a strong corporate vision that resonates with a sense of growth and development. We believe, that the exchange of quality healthcare should happen both ways, Martin Dow Marker business evolution is not merely based on acquisition of quality healthcare solutions from the developed world, but it also envisions establishing the name of our country worldwide through the aim of ensuring availability of high-quality healthcare solutions at numerous international destinations from customized solutions suits customers and markets.

Our high-quality products are being manufactured as per international standards that are widely accepted in various countries around the globe. Such markets naturally contain worldwide competition as well and Martin Dow Marker is proud to be a leading player due to its quality image in different operating segments & countries like Afghanistan, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and Maldives and will continues to increase its international footprint in potential regions/ markets like Africa, CIS, Far East & Gulf.

Some of the prominent brands being marketed by MDM are Wintogeno, Tizorel, Omelcid, Klaribact, Curecef, Neoprox, Mercip, Levomerc, Cosome-E, Multibionta. In 2017, Martin Dow Marker achieved a milestone by achieving Rs.1 Billion revenue through its International business division.

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