Therapeutic Areas

Our business segments foster our corporate vision of becoming a leading pharmaceutical company in the region and ensuring accessibility of quality healthcare products to the society. These segments are strategically aligned to make available innovative, high-quality and affordable medicine to the community.

Martin Dow Marker Ltd markets a variety of medicine to enhance health outcomes for patients and health care providers. We are at the forefront of commercialization of health care and specialty medicine, comprising of different therapeutic segments and specialties.

Antibiotics Anti-Hypertensives Anti-Anginal Oral Antidiabetics Anti-Ulcerants
Anti- GERD Anti- Spasmodic Laxative Anti- Asthmatics Anti- Allergic
Cough Syrups Anti- Rheumatics Muscle Relaxants Anti-Depressants Anxiolytics
Anti- Epileptics Vitamin B Complex with Zinc Neurotropic Vitamins Multivitamin with Minerals Multivitamin
Vitamin E NSAIDS Topical Analgesics Fertility Drugs Anti-Cancer

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