Corporate Social Responsibility


Martin Dow Marker Ltd formerly Merck (Pvt.) Ltd has continued its CSR initiative for the uplift of health facilities in Baluchistan by supporting the construction and expansion of OPD and Casualty blocks at Sandeman Civil Hospital, Quetta

The company executed a complete renovation of the Accident and Emergency Unit of Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Islamabad. The project was accomplished in the shortest possible time, as it had hardly taken off when the Northern Areas were hit by a severe earthquake leaving thousands of people dead and many more injured. The renovation included repair of floors, walls, doors and frames and ceiling; electrical rewiring and lighting; overhauling of plumbing, including tiling with bathroom fixtures; installation of split air-conditioning units and pedestal fans; and the addition of a new counter in the Nursing Station.


Baba and Bhit are two small islands within the Karachi harbor, only one km away from Kemari. Fishing is the only occupation of these islanders, a severely disadvantaged segment of society. Martin Dow Marker Ltd constructed the 12-bed hospital at Baba Island with in-house facilities including ultrasound, x-ray, and operation theatre etc. We have undertaken the responsibility to finance, the hospital for the welfare of the people of the island. A total construction of 6,200 sq ft in excellent quality has been built on that area. Every material used in construction had to be taken to the island by boat, making this project a real challenge for the company!

This medical facility is now fully operational and very popular with the local population. About 800-1000 outpatients are treated weekly. All facilities, including medicines, are provided free to patients, and costs are borne by the company.

Medical camps have been setup in different flood affected areas of Pakistan. Our sales force has contributed immensely to serve the affected people in different regions by giving services and medicines. Martin Dow marker Ltd management also donated their one-day salary to the flood affected relief fund. However, these medical camps were campaigned with free doctors, treatment, biscuits, clean drinking water filters and medicines were provided to the flood victims. Further, relief packets containing blankets and mosquito nets were distributed in large quantities to the needy. So far, more than 15,000 patients have been treated which includes males, females, and children.

The Medical OPD at the Civil Hospital in Karachi was completely renovated and handed to the Government of Sindh. This renovation included the doctor’s room, furniture, fixtures, seating in the patients’ waiting area, tiled flooring and so on.

Noting the poor health and sanitation conditions in the residential area of police officials in Quetta, this renovation and upgrading included the doctor’s room, lighting, washrooms and the building’s interior and exterior.



Martin Dow Marker Ltd executed the complete renovation of two lecture halls at King Edward Medical College, Lahore, with state-of-the-art technological equipment to provide medical students a world-class learning experience. The renovation included not just installing latest technology, but also restoring the lost grandeur of 150-year-old architecture. Each lecture halls were equipped with an overhead projector, multimedia projector, electronically operated screen, VCR, DVD player and custom built teakwood podiums with a built-in desktop computer and flat screen LCD monitor. However, keeping in mind the extreme weather during the summer months, both lecture halls were outfitted with split air-conditioning units to make students more comfortable and focused, as well as the overhauling of electrical rewiring and lighting, microphone, amplifying and speaker systems, thus providing state of the art visual and audio facilities.

Martin Dow Marker Ltd decided to strengthen the existing laboratory at the Institute of Environmental Studies. This was to help not only Karachi-ites, but to facilitate students through dedicated water testing instruments and kits. It is a well-equipped lab with the facilities of any reference lab in the world. Not only can it test microbiological contamination of drinking and wastewater, it can also provide chemical testing—including heavy metals


A contribution for the upgrading of the education in Quetta was necessary. Through The Citizens Foundation (TCF), with its long history in constructing and running schools, Martin Dow Marker Ltd funded the construction of two campuses. These schools are being operated by TCF itself.


We aim to prevent negative environmental impact caused by the production of pharmaceuticals, chemicals and laboratory products, and to provide our employees with a safe work environment. For this reason, we steer all environmentally relevant processes with our internal environmental management system. We fulfil our responsibility to the environment through our EHS policy and through our group-wide environmental management in accordance with ISO 14001. Process safety has a high priority at Martin Dow Marker Ltd; our production sites must be safe. We make efficient use of water, a vital resource. We use materials sparingly, thus avoiding waste. When planning new sites and facilities, we consider environmental aspects. Furthermore, in Pakistan, we have undertaken a forestation project around Hanna Lake and planted 3,500 trees

Close to Hanna Lake in Quetta, we have taken the challenge of foresting the area, to make the main recreational spot of the city more beautiful. To date, 3,500 trees have been planted in four phases, The earth beneath each sapling was changed and a drip-irrigation system for each tree ensured water, which needs to be brought from the city, was used properly. From the third phase in a micro tube irrigation system was put in place.

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